What is BCAA


BCAAs (Branched-chain amino acids) are sports supplements containing three essential aminos:

  • leucine,
  • valine,
  • and isoleucine.
BCAAs are not able to be manufactured because of your body, so you ought to get them through food or by supplementation.

Some foods that contain large amounts of BCAAs are chicken, beef, eggs, and salmon. Pure whey protein is also a supply of BCAA. The matter with having your BCAA’s readily available sources is usually that the aminos are bonded and have to be split up before they’re absorbed.

Supplementing with BCAAs offers you free form aminos that go instantly to your blood stream. The rewards:

•Enhanced muscle protein synthesis

•Supports fat loss

•Improve hormone balance during intense training

•Improved strength

•Decreased fatigue

•Reduce muscle soreness

•Prevent muscle loss

Motivation for Workout

It’s been a while! Well, it happens.

I want to talk about motivation today. Motivation to keep going through the daily training routine. We all know it’s not easy although sometimes it looks like some people have no problems with that. Why? Oh, why?

Obviously, I’m not talking here about those of you who spend half of their lives in the gym. Working out once or twice a day. Having six packs and muscles like from some kind of freaking cartoon. No, I’m talking about ordinary people who struggle. I’m talking bout those of us who on the treadmill count every second hoping to survive another five minutes or so…

Why is that? We make that amazing decision to join the gym and lose weight… or just to better ourselves… but it’s so easy to think about it while doing is a completely different story altogether… Evey step seems so difficult and painful. We do 10 minutes and we hope we will not die…

The problem is that we often do not last long enough. And I’m not talking about quiting after couple days or weeks. I’m talking about workout. There is a barrier of sort, psychological and physical, that needs to be crossed in order to start enjoying what we do. When we, ordinary folks, join the gym, we often quit too early. We star something but not last long enough. We tell ourselves 5 minutes. Or 10. And we are happy we survived… But the truth is that first 5 or 10 minutes are where we fail. If we tried a bit longer the pain would be gone and the workut would become easier… what’s more, the tiredness would become… enjoyable! This is what we need to understand. If we just try to last a little bit longer… Personally, I think the first 10 minutes are more difficult than the next half an hour!