Bringing new product to Amazon

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I’m a seller. I’m selling several hundred products per month and I made this business quite profitable. It wasn’t always the case though. Selling is hard. Selling on Amazon is probably even harder. Especially if you are new to that.

Undeniably, Amazon is the biggest marketplace in the world. Sales can go in thousands per seller. And yet, when you start, you have that idealistic dream about your amazing product being displayed and sold easily. The problem is it’s just a dream. An illusion.

Amazon is not a place for dreaming a dream. It’s a place where thousands of potential buyers look for something to buy. And thousands of sellers are selling to them. So why not you? The answer is probably as simple as: you have no idea what you are doing. Or maybe you just don’t have time. Or both. Yes, there are thousands, millions of potential buyers but there is also an abundancy of similar products. And yes, you may have really amazing product but why should anyone buy it if it’s on 20th page when they search for what they need?

Amazon doesn’t make it easier either. When you are adding yur first product you try to find out what needs to be done. You probably read quickly what they say about product photos or descriptions. And you skip most of what needs to be there. Just to be able to sell as soon as possible. Time is money, isn’t it? You add 1 photo probably, put together couple features and a description. And then you just wait… And wait… and wait…

Nothing happens? Well, then you start looking for other options. Advertising! Yes, that’s the answer! So you add a budget and wait again… and wait.. and wait. Still nothing happens! So you learn about winning buy box. But obviously it’s not so easy to understand how the hell that algorithm works… But say you got it. And yuo have you budget. More than likely the cost of selling is outrageous. Your budget is too low, yuo are trying to increase it. And finally you get your sales. At the cost… And it’s only then when you start learning how to make your sales more efficient, and less costly. You notice that although the rules are not to use html everyone is using it… the photo should be 85% product on a white background and there are photos of a completely different composition… some without a product at all! So you start learning how to apply those rules and you learn about little tweaks and exceptions… because if you don’t learn that… you don’t sell anything. Or the cost of sales exceeds your profits.

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