What is BCAA


BCAAs (Branched-chain amino acids) are sports supplements containing three essential aminos:

  • leucine,
  • valine,
  • and isoleucine.
BCAAs are not able to be manufactured because of your body, so you ought to get them through food or by supplementation.

Some foods that contain large amounts of BCAAs are chicken, beef, eggs, and salmon. Pure whey protein is also a supply of BCAA. The matter with having your BCAA’s readily available sources is usually that the aminos are bonded and have to be split up before they’re absorbed.

Supplementing with BCAAs offers you free form aminos that go instantly to your blood stream. The rewards:

•Enhanced muscle protein synthesis

•Supports fat loss

•Improve hormone balance during intense training

•Improved strength

•Decreased fatigue

•Reduce muscle soreness

•Prevent muscle loss

Do fat burners work?

Today I’m going to talk about so called fat burners as they are often perceived as a miracle working solution replacing genuine effort and healthy diet. What are fat burners? Well, the name may be a bit misleading. Hearing “fat burner” we expect a wonder pill that will start burning our fat and get us lean. Meaning, we can just watch TV and do nothing and those amazing pills will work miracles.


I have a surprise for you… and it’s not a good one! Those days of miracles are over. In the past there were such pills on the market. Pills with amphetamine or even worse, with tapeworm eggs. Luckily, especially those latter ones, are no longer available. Mostly. They were working miracles but who in a right mind invites worms into his or her body??? People are crazy!


Back to fat burners. First of all, they can be effective as a weight-loss aid… but obviously only if used properly! They are not magic pills!!! People see “fat burner” and think: well, that’s all I need. I just need to take one… maybe two to speed things up… and the fat will… well, burn. Melt away. Disappear.


Weeks later the weight is still the same and you just give up. If the miracle pills don’t work, why bother. Isn’t that correct?


The name “fat burner” is somewhat misleading. The ingredients of so called fat burners are to facilitate weight loss, help you with the effort… but not replace it! So, forget miracles and go on diet. A healthy one. And start working out. Fat burner will help, but will never replace the diet and the workout. Fat burner will enhance fat loss but not on its own.


How do they work though? Let’s have a look at an example. There are many fat burners on the market, some called fat burners, others going under a different name but still being fat burners. Let’s try one available on Irish market, from a new player on the market, Obsession Factory. They offer a fat burner under the name  Slim Fit Thermo Booster. The description they provide is a typical one (for these types of products): boosts energy, suppresses appetite, reduces body fat. The product is designed to support weight loss. As I said already, this is quite typical and goes down to the ingredients. Typical fat burners contain high dosage of caffeine (in this case 200mg) but you need to be careful as there are fat burners on the market containing even higher dosage! Always check the label! Caffeine is a stimulant of the methylxanthine class. According to Wikipedia (and they are probably right), it’s the world’s most widely consumed psychoactive drug. Caffeine is known to reduce fatigue and drowsiness. It also improves athletic performance hence often taken before workout for its energy boost.

Fat Burner Obsession Factory

Another typical ingredient of fat burners is L Carnitine which is a compound involved in metabolism in most mammals. Carnitine is involved in transporting fatty acids across the mitochondrial membrane. Green Tea extract is yet another typical ingredient claiming to boost metabolism. Green Tea has a long tradition of medicinal usage, especially in Chinese tradition. Unfortunately, there is not enough evidence to support this claim. There is also not enough evidence to reject it.


Other ingredients (in this particular product) are Citrus Aurantium (Bitter Orange) marked as dietary supplement purported to act as appetite suppressant and weight loss aid; Guarana, which is a climbing plant in the maple family, often used in sweetened or carbonated soft drinks. It’s a common source of caffeine. Cayenne Pepper stimulates digestive tract by increasing the flow of enzyme production and gastric juices. Cayenne Pepper also stimulates production of saliva, an important component of digestion. Niacin (vitamin b3 complex) primarily supplements treatment of high blood cholesterol. It’s commonly recommended for prevention of cardiovascular disease in patients with diabetes.


So… do they work? Thay can. If taken properly. You always need to monitor the progress as different bodies will react differently. And you must treat it as a supplement only, not as a replacement of a healthy diet and exercises. They can help you only if you help yourself.







The biggest problem with losing weight

Today’s world, with long hours work and sedentary life, contributes greatly to the obese culture of today. True, many of us go to the gym, often every day… but most of us don’t really bother. Yes, we have an ideal in mind, yes, we want to look like Zac Efron… but we don’t. We are often overweight or even obese. We don’t exercise. The most extensive workout we get is to get up. Or lift a pint of cider. That’s all. Well, maybe not. Every now and then, when we can’t fit into shirt that used to be perfect, we make that life-changing decision to start exercising, to join the gym, to lose weight. 5kg a week, 10 kg a week! 20kg by summer! Yes! That’s what we are going to do! Eat healthier, no more take away crap… only healthy carbs, plenty of vegetables and fruits…

zac efron

So what happens? Why are we still miserable fu*ks? Why after the initial excitement we go back to those bad habits we know already are not good for us? What’s wrong with us? The answer is probably motivation. We simply lack motivation to change our lives so drastically. To abandon habits we cultivated for years. To get rid of all those sweet things we enjoy in life. Pastries, beer, chocolate bars. It’s difficult to say NO to them. As difficult as to say yes to hard life of workouts when unused muscles complain and no real progress is seen. We try, yes, we try. We abandon unhealthy food for a day, two, three. For a week. And we go to the gym. One day. Another…


The problem is there is no visible progress. We come back home tired and go to bed. Next day we are so pleased with ourselves, even if in pain. So we check our weight… And? Nothing? Well, sometimes it’s worse. Well, it happens. It’s only the beginning. We WILL check tomorrow… But tomorrow is no better. Neither is the next day. Day after. So we start being annoyed. What are we doing wrong??? Why the weight is going up instead of down? We keep checking BMI (Body Mass Index) and it’s undeniably still under the “obese” label! What’s wrong? Why it doesn’t work? Often we turn to internet looking for a magic answers. Pills like carb blockers, fat burners etc. We may decide to buy them but by the time they arrive we usually go back to the old habits anyway. Why bother if the magic answer will arrive with the courier a day later. Or two? We just take those magic pills and enjoy…


Well, it doesn’t work that way, you know… There is no magic. Yes, they promise miracles. But there is no other miracle but the hard work! Those pills you count on… they may help. But these are only supplements. They are not a replacement! So mover your f*cking a*s and start working. Yes, take your supplements, but only as supplements! Not as the replacement of your daily workout!!!

What are carbohydrates also known as carbs?

What are carbohydrates? Although we often talk about them the idea seems to be quite vague. Are these sugars? Should we eat less chocolate (assuming we should reduce the intake)? What are they?


Simply speaking a carbohydrate is a biological molecule consisting of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Well, it doesn’t say a lot, at least to me. More important is that carbohydrates can be found in both healthy and unhealthy foods: bread, milk, popcorn, cookies, potatoes, soft drinks, beans. As abundant as they are they also come in a variety of forms, the most common are sugars, fibers and starches. It’s probably the first important piece of information you need to remember.

healthy carbs

The second one is that foods with high level of carbs are important part of healthy diet as they provide the body with glucose that in turn converts into energy necessary to support bodily functions and both physical and mental activities.


The third piece of information to remember is that the amount of absorbed carbohydrates is not as important as the type of carbohydrate. As it usually is, some sources of carbohydrates are better, meaning healthier, than others. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that whole bread or rye will be more suitable for your healthy diet than fried chips… however tasty they are. So, remember, it’s more important to eat carbohydrates from healthier sources than to count the amount of carbohydrates!


So, what are the “healthy” sources of carbohydrates? As always, vegetables are the safety bet… maybe with the exception of potatoes. French fries, especially with mayo, is never a good (healthy) choice, whatever your empty stomach says! Fruits will constitute another healthy source. The same with beans. The “unhealthy” sources will include white bread, pastries and all sorts of highly processed or refined foods.  It’s important to remember that processed and refined foods contain easily digested carbohydrates that are the usual suspect when it comes to gaining weight. They may also contribute to hearth diseases and diabetes.


Now, as carbohydrates are important, their quality is even more important. This is where so called carb blockers come into play. Carb blocker is essentially a food supplement that blocks the absorption of unwanted carbohydrates. They work through blocking enzymes needed to digest certain carbs. They are usually extracted from natural sources like white kidney beans and commonly sold as weight loss supplements. Do they work? Well, I’m going to get to this shortly… For now you should remember that not all carbohydrates are bad and not all of them are good for you. So try to eat healthier food before anything else…